Steam Account Level 717, First Email, 1951 Games
Price: $4500.00

Steam Profile

Attention: This account has a ban on Rust

General Status
First E-Mail: Yes
Years of service: 5 Years
Steam Level: 717

Games: 1951

CS:GO Status
Prime Status: Yes
5 Year Veteran Coin: Yes
10 Year Veteran Coin: No
Diamond Operation Broken Fang Coin: Yes
Operation Shattered Web Challenge Coin: Yes
Berlin 2019 Silver Coin: Yes
Katowice 2019 Diamond Coin: Yes
2018 Service Medal: Yes
Silver London 2018 Pick'Em Trophy: Yes
Silver Boston 2018 Pick'Em Trophy: Yes
Operation Breakout Challenge Coin: Yes
Operation Bloodhound Challenge Coin: Yes
Bronze Krakow 2017 Pick'Em Trophy: Yes
2017 Service Medal: Yes
Diamond Operation Hydra Coin: Yes
Bronze Atlanta 2017 Pick'Em Trophy: Yes
Silver Cologne 2016 Pick'Em Trophy: Yes
Silver Operation Wildfire Coin: Yes
Hours Played: 3.808 hours
Competitive Wins: 200+

Rank: Eagle 2

Stock: 1
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